MediqTrans’ subsidiary Attunemen signs Language Translation Partnership with GS1 Singapore

Collaboration offers unique go-to-market services consisting of content writing & translation, image photography services to accelerate cross-border growth for Retailers, Ecommerce Businesses, Brands & Manufacturers

Attunemen, a subsidiary of MediqTrans focused on accelerated translation services optimized for digital marketing campaigns and Ecommerce, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a major, strategic partnership with GS1 Singapore, a member of the global GS1 organisation specialising in developing supply chain standards and widely known for its market leadership in barcode, RFID standards and solutions.

Attunemen announces strategic partnership with GS1 Singapore

This new relationship will allow both companies to capitalize on Attunemen’s language services (covering more than 150 of the world’s most widely adopted languages), its cross-industry coverage, and functional experience in translating for all types of B2B2C online & traditional marketing assets, ecommerce content, legal/technical documentation, and more. Extending from GS1 Singapore’s wide network across retailers, manufacturers and various businesses, GS1 Singapore’s The DNA Hub offers standards-driven content creation services, e-commerce solutions, as well as a suite of other innovative solutions through its technology partners. The partnership between GS1 Singapore and Attunemen, will see The DNA Hub helping their customers go beyond content creation and management, to offer language services and realise another opportunity – accelerated business growth through internationalization.

The DNA Hub has served multiple leading brands, and expects increasing adoption particularly from businesses that have embarked on ecommerce.

Safe and Efficient, Accelerated Internationalization Growth

“GS1 Singapore and Attunemen share similar DNA traits – we are both standards and quality-driven, and these traits underscore our quality expectations and services. Attunemen has several in-house technologies and processes that ensure the quality of our work and help reduce cost for our customers (such as through translation recycling), nevertheless, we are increasingly focused on automation and technology integration to accelerate turnaround and reduce the need for human intervention. Partnering with GS1 Singapore makes great sense as their content development services & solutions are highly complementary with our translation services. The combined offering will greatly benefit both our customers by reducing time and cost, while ensuring standards compliance. We are also looking to co-launch a new platform that will allow customers with sizeable on-going needs to use our combined services easily and quickly through self-service. Our next step is to share the benefits of our unique, and integrated content development/translation/management services with our customers.”, said Kelvin Chan, General Manager of Attunemen and MediqTrans.

“Life Sciences organisations especially medical devices and product manufacturers, can benefit greatly from this partnership, especially if they are invested into expanding their business via the digital economy and need creative solutions & help to scale their global marketing efforts in the most cost-effective way possible.”, added Kelvin Chan.

GS1 Singapore’s CEO, Liew Wai Leong commented that “Digitisation is becoming the necessary route for businesses to undertake for growth and acceleration. The DNA Hub is part of GS1 Singapore’s efforts to support industry transformation for digitalisation so as to better serve business needs beyond barcode issuance for unique identification. This is key to supporting Online searches, Track and Trace; Anti-counterfeiting applications and is foundational as businesses embark on ecommerce as an important channel for growth. The DNA Hub is able to help businesses with their digital content creation including product photography, product videos, SEO-enhanced copywriting, product infographic design services and more. We are excited to partner with Attunemen. By leveraging on Attunemen’s strong expertise in multi-language translation service, we can now bring new dimensions of digital services to the market to help businesses achieve e-commerce and omni-channel business success.”

About GS1 Singapore

Established in 1987, GS1 Singapore is part of the not-for-profit GS1 Global Standards organisation based in Belgium, Brussels with offices in over 115 countries. We are also affiliated to the Singapore Manufacturing Federation, a premier trade association in Singapore. GS1 Singapore works with organisations and agencies to promote and drive the adoption of the most widely used open standards for supply chain management in the world. GS1 Singapore serves multiple sectors including retail, online marketplaces, food services, healthcare, technical industries, transport and logistics. Our member companies have benefited as a result through the enhancement of operational efficiencies, supply chain interoperability and visibility. Visit:

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About Attunemen

At Attunemen, we help brands strengthen engagement with their international customers, through our language expertise available in over 150 languages. Our language and content services encompass web, document, audio and video translations, multi-lingual voiceovers, multi-lingual customer service support, and multi-lingual data processing. As a technology-led services company, we fulfil the traditional demands for multilingual business support services, and thrive at the forefront of the digital economy where we partner brands and help them succeed in their international digital marketing and Ecommerce endeavours.


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