Good quality medical translations cost too much?

We are led by a management team that’s been in the medical translation industry for more than 15 years, and we know the following:

The 5 largest translation agencies recruit experienced medical translators, to achieve a consistently high quality of translations.

Their rates are 20-40% higher than their competitors.

While MediqTrans is still not one of the Top 5 largest translation companies (all of whom are unlike MediqTrans, as we are 100% dedicated to medical translations only), we are definitely neck-to-neck with the market leaders when it comes to medical translation quality! How is this possible given our much smaller size?

MediqTrans enforces equally stringent proficiency and experience expectations on our medical translators. All our medical translators have proven experience translating for leading life sciences organizations such as yours, very often as translation performed through the largest medical translation agencies.

Key_fact    Simply put – we are nimble and passionate, and do not have high overheads such as the Top 5.

Work with us, and chances are, you already are if you are currently paying premium prices with the Top 5. Keen to achieve the same good quality medical translations using a smaller budget? Or interested in maintaining your current spend while getting much better medical translation quality? Simply try us out! There is literally no risk.


MediqTrans is a medical translation & digitalisation specialist, and our services are 100% dedicated to the medical industry only. Connect with us at for a fast, non-obligatory quote, or if you would like to understand more about how our team can help your business.

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