MediqTrans acquires Digital Marketing Translation Agency Attunemen

MediqTrans and Attunemen to deliver Digital Marketing and Ecommerce centric translation services to Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Organizations

SINGAPORE – MediqTrans has completed its acquisition of Attunemen, a privately held translation services agency based in Singapore. Attunemen’s translation services are optimized for digital marketing campaigns and Ecommerce, and enable companies across various industries to rapidly launch and implement marketing initiatives, and achieve revenue growth on a global scale.

Value Creation for Customers

MediqTrans, a medical-only translation services specialist agency based in Singapore with a client portfolio spanning across Asia and Europe, offers certified medical translation services in the highly regulated industry. With a strong emphasis on domain knowledge and translation quality, services are mostly rendered in association with clinical research, regulatory interactions and legal activities. With the acquisition, MediqTrans and Attunemen will bring to market a comprehensive translation service portfolio, which helps address the fast growing needs in the marketing arena. For example, physician and patient engagement through digital marketing technology.

Part of the charter at the new subsidiary Attunemen, is to leverage MediqTrans’ best practices and capabilities, and address one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today – quality assurance. Utilizing MediqTrans’ QA methodology, resources and cost optimization techniques, Attunemen is expected to further enhance translation quality, while continuing its focus on speed of services, and marketing technology integration together with strategic partners.

Marketing Acceleration

Digitization continues to disrupt the way in which end users relate to and purchase from brands. Brands in turn increasingly adopt and rely on digital marketing technology to connect with end users. Together, MediqTrans and Attunemen will make it easier for medical companies to engage and establish brand loyalty with their customers.

“In recent years we’ve seen how pharmaceuticals and medical device companies utilize video technology and mobility innovations to extend relations within key customer segments. Today, CRMs, social media, virtual chats and other digital channels, are fast gaining momentum as key elements of the enterprise marketing budget”, said Kelvin Chan, General Manager of MediqTrans and Attunemen. “Attunemen and our strategic partners offer integrated and multilingual solutions for global digital marketing and Ecommerce. We’re excited as this acquisition provides value for both MediqTrans and Attunemen’s enterprise customers, in terms of accelerated global marketing and quality assurance.”

About Attunemen

At Attunemen, we help brands strengthen engagement with their international customers, through our language expertise available in over 150 languages. Our language and content services encompass web, document, audio and video translations, multi-lingual voiceovers, multi-lingual customer service support, and multi-lingual data processing. As a technology-led services company, we fulfil the traditional demands for multilingual business support services, and thrive at the forefront of the digital economy where we partner brands and help them succeed in their international digital marketing and Ecommerce endeavours.


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