August 1, 2015


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MediqTrans provides professional medical translation services that allow customers to decouple their efforts and resources spent on managing translations themselves, and redirect their focus towards business growth via other strategic activities.

We utilize medical translation enabling technologies to help optimize the production and quality assurance of our linguistic services, in a safe and effective manner for our customers.

Information Security

Medical content is inherently highly confidential. They usually contain either information related to yet-to-be-released medical devices and drugs, or sensitive patient-related data.

MediqTrans endeavors to maintain the security of received information through the following measures:

  • Received files and information are stored and maintained on MediqTrans servers, and distributed amongst MediqTrans employees on a necessity basis only
  • All MediqTrans employees and translators are bound by non-disclosure agreements with severe legal ramifications stemming from intentional information misuse
  • For our translators who may be working remotely from home, they shall receive and return information through secured technology (web/app/ftp) channels

OCR Technologies

Medical content typically encounter several regulatory/human-validated procedures, in which the medical documents are physically printed, validated by subject matter experts, validation confirmed via imprinted stamps accompanied by signatures, and the approved medical documents returned in physical copies to the approval requestor(s).

To fulfill regulatory audit or filing purposes, these medical documents often need to be translated. OCR technologies are applied into specific sections of the translation methodology to ensure that maximum efficiencies are achieved, resulting in the best possible outcome in terms of translation cost, production time and linguistic quality.

MediqTrans licenses a variety of leading enterprise OCR technologies integrated with high-resolution scanning equipment, and leverages the resulting capabilities to ensure that MediqTrans is suitably equipped with the right mix of technologies to maximize translation efficiencies and its associated benefits.

Translation Memory

MediqTrans licenses a variety of leading enterprise translation memory software, to ensure compatibility with all customers’ translation memory management systems, as well as to allow medical translators to focus on producing quality medical translation, regardless of their translation memory platform experience/training/preference. Our multi-TM approach also increases MediqTrans’ service redundancy, by mitigating risks associated with over-dependency on a single technology platform.

Similar to our approach with other technology investments, all translation memory software deployed by MediqTrans have been carefully selected based on adherence to MediqTrans’ QA requirements and processes.